The Aris catalogue and library was born in 1974, when maestro and film producer Aldo Pomilia and his wife, actress Chelo Alonso, founded the original label.

The label operated up to 1980 releasing original productions but also products licensed from other companies.

The original publishing & masters catalogue is being relaunched out of Germany through a program including restoration, digitalisation, physical and digital releases, synchronization & licensing.

Noted releases include soundtracks for "L'Amica di Mia Madre", "Ecco Lingua d'Argento", "Calamo", "Quel movimento che mi piace tanto", "Sweet Movie", "Lettomania", with composers and authors such as Alberto Baldan Bembo, Claudio Tallino, Manuel De Sica, Manos Hadjidakis, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Franco Campanino and performers such as Daniela Davoli.

-Johannes Vonbank